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AM&T has the most advanced capabilities. We manufacture a variety of parts, but we excel at extrusions, dip brazings and castings. One of our strongest fortes is machining card guides on castings, aluminum and steel. We have developed an inexpensive method to assure accuracy while machining deep narrow card guide slots as see in page photos.


Our team of experienced professionals and skilled machinists optimize our state-of-the-art equipment.


   Our milling and turning centers are the backbone of our business with the capacity and precision to meet your tough demands.


   Our broaching, manual, and grinding machines compliment our CNC capabilities.


   We are ready to serve your needs from short-run prototypes to high volume production.


   AM&T offers many value added services. We can machine and assemble to deliver a completed product. Whether you are looking to outsource mechanical or electromechanical assemblies, we have the skilled labor and capacity to meet your needs. Our detailed assembly department can respond quickly and provide you with a perfect outsource solution that will save you time and money. 


Send a print or a sample of your product we’ll prepare a proposal for you immediately.


  We offer mechanical and electro-mechanical assemblies including:










   Secondary Work


   PEM Installation


   Keensert Installation


   Helical Installation


   Ground pad installation with Ohm testing





  Vacuum bonding is an alternative solution for joining materials offering versatility and consistency.  It provides excellent structural performance and outstanding strength retention even when exposed to high humidity environments.


  Vacuum bonding uses a bladder bag with a pulled vacuum that applies consistent pressure to components as they are heated to activate an adhesive film. The versatility of this process allows for bonding of components with complex geometry.  Various thickness materials can be bonded; even as thin as .004. Components that are vacuum bonded maintain flatness as well.  It is ideal for surface mount assemblies, fin stock carriers, heat exchangers, and chassis.


AM&T's state of the art vacuum bonding lab is equipped with a Blue M electronically controlled oven to ensure accuracy. 


For more process or capability information, please contact us.


Our staff of Mechanical Engineers offers solutions that help our customers overcome technical and business challenges, and economically reach higher levels of performance. We apply traditional consulting services (e.g., program reviews, organizational design studies) combined with proven engineering techniques (e.g., operation analysis, DFM reviews, productivity assessment) and the creative innovation of modern technology. We offer this service at no cost… Developing synergy in every partnership is our goal.


Our engineers are experts at manufacturing efficiency. We have years of cross discipline experience in a variety of manufacturing methods. We invite you to use the expertise of our engineering staff to maximize the efficiency of your design.


Read our case studies to learn more about example solutions.