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Alexander Machine

*   SINCE 1969   *

“I just want to congratulate you and your team on your excellent performance and recent awards. You are by far the best supplier I’ve worked with in my 15+ year career as a mechanical engineer in the avionics arena. I especially appreciate your honesty and integrity as people.”


Mechanical Engineer


Vacuum Bonding

Vacuum bonding is an alternative solution for joining materials offering versatility and consistency.  It provides excellent structural performance and outstanding strength retention even when exposed to high humidity environments.


Vacuum bonding uses a bladder bag with a pulled vacuum that applies consistent pressure to components as they are heated to activate an adhesive film. The versatility of this process allows for bonding of components with complex geometry.  Various thickness materials can be bonded; even as thin as .004. Components that are vacuum bonded maintain flatness as well.  It is ideal for surface mount assemblies, fin stock carriers, heat exchangers, and chassis.


AM&T's state of the art vacuum bonding lab is equipped with a Blue M electronically controlled oven to ensure accuracy.


For more process or capability information, please contact us.