*   SINCE 1969   *

“I would like to thank you for your (Alexander Machine’s) outstanding response to all the different design scenarios thrown at you in the last month or so. Your efforts were nothing short of excellence.”


Program Manager

Defense Contractor



AM&T has the most advanced capabilities. We manufacture a variety of parts, but we excel at extrusions, dip brazings and castings. One of our strongest fortes is machining card guides on castings, aluminum and steel. We have developed an inexpensive method to assure accuracy while machining deep narrow card guide slots as see in page photos.


        Our team of experienced professionals and skilled machinists optimize our state-of-the-art equipment.


        Our milling and turning centers are the backbone of our business with the capacity and precision to meet your

            tough demands.


         Our broaching, manual, and grinding machines compliment our CNC capabilities.

             We are ready to serve your needs from short-run prototypes to high volume production.