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“The program and design team would like to say a special thank you for your work on the recent design and bonding process. We have successfully injected the heat exchangers with the thermal compound without issue all in part because of the improvements you and your team have suggested and helped to implement over the course of this program.”


Mechanical Engineer

Avionics Enterprise


Our staff of Mechanical Engineers offers solutions that help our customers overcome technical and business challenges, and economically reach higher levels of performance. We apply traditional consulting services (e.g., program reviews, organizational design studies) combined with proven engineering techniques (e.g., operation analysis, DFM reviews, productivity assessment) and the creative innovation of modern technology. We offer this service at no cost… Developing synergy in every partnership is our goal.


Our engineers are experts at manufacturing efficiency. We have years of cross discipline experience in a variety of manufacturing methods. We invite you to use the expertise of our engineering staff to maximize the efficiency of your design.


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